Zoning Board of Appeals

The Winthrop Zoning Board of Appeals hears and decides requests for variances from the minimum setbacks requirements, maximum building height, area and size of structures or size of yards or open spaces. The Board also hears and decides Administrative Appeals which are appeals where it alleged there is an error by the Codes Enforcement Officer in the administration of the Winthrop Zoning Ordinance.


NameTerm Expires
Ronald Taylor

12/31/2022 (5-year term)

Greg Chamberland

12/31/2023 (3-year term)

Dennis Harnish

01/31/2024 (3-year term)

Roger Hanson

09/01/2024 (3-year term)

Allen Hitt

12/31/2022 (5-year term)

Associate Members

NameTerm Expires
Richard Dorey

09/01/2024 (3-year term)

Vacancy One