RJD assessing agents work in Winthrop on most Wednesdays and Fridays. To schedule an appointment, please call the Clerk's office at 377-7200 and ask for an appointment with one of the assessing agents. Otherwise, call 377-7200 ext. 426 and leave a voicemail with your assessing request, or send it via email.

The Assessor is responsible for establishing a list of all properties in town and estimating their market value. The assessor follows the State Constitution and Title 36 of the Maine Revised Statutes. There is not a local ordinance for assessing property.

The current property tax millage rate for FY 2022, as of the tax commitment date of August 6, 2021, is 20.55, and the certified ratio is 100%.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Robert Duplisea Contracted Assessor (207) 377-7200 ext. 426