Updated Transfer Station Practices: Demo Debris Accepted


Contacts: Sarah Fuller, Chair, Winthrop Town Council, 207.446.6462; sarah@fullerink.com; Jeffrey Kobrock, Town Manager; 207.377.7200 ext 423; manager@winthropmaine.org

Updated Transfer Station Practices: Demo Debris Accepted

WINTHROP, Maine – The Town Transfer station will begin again accepting demolition and construction debris from businesses and individuals beginning Saturday, May 9, 2020. This is limited to construction-related materials only. No furniture, electronics or other large-scale debris is being accepted at this time.

Per usual practice, those with debris loads will stop at the scale house for weighing and all fees will be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar amount to simplify cash transactions and money handling.

While plastic and cardboard recycling are on hold due to sorting and handling requirements, aluminum/tin cans, glass and metal is being accepted at the station for recycling.

Yard waste is also being accepted and compost is still available for free to Winthrop residents, but you must bring your own shovel.

“We hope that this interim step towards full operations will help folks as they are busy with remodeling and spring clean-up work,” noted Matt Burnham, Director of Winthrop Public Works. “We appreciate everyone’s cooperation as we shift operations to keep the public and our staff safe and healthy.”

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