Yard Waste

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BRUSH:  Left at wood chipper unless otherwise instructed by an attendant. Dead or rotten material will be accepted. No stumps accepted.

CONSTRUCTION WASTE & DEMOLITION DEBRIS: Deposited to the right of main building (designated area).  Examples: asphalt, drywall, furniture, shingles left by trailer. Wood is to be stacked up in a separate area. See attendant. Bricks, rocks, cement, loam or gravel will be accepted as demolition waste. Pressure treated lumber will be put in demo trailer.

COMPOST, YARD WASTES: Garden and yard wastes, hay, grass clippings, leaves only.  Must be free of  wood, plastic bags, household garbage, dirt, rocks, brush, sticks, raspberry bushes or vines.

COMPOST PURCHASE FEE: $20.00 as of June 4, 2018