Transfer Station Logo

HOUSEHOLD RUBBISH:  Enter through front of compactor building, exit at rear. Signs and attendants will assist you.

BUSINESS RUBBISH: As of July 1, 2012 all business rubbish will be charged a rate of $70 per ton (3.5 cents/pound).

DEMOLITION WASTE: A fee of $140.00 per ton (7 cents/pound) will be charged for the disposal of construction and demolition debris and clean wood. The fee will be pro-rated to the nearest 20 pound increment. All loads of demo/construction debris and/or clean wood MUST be weighed in on the scales located on the approach to the Transfer Station. A $10 fee will be charged for non-residents transporting resident debris.

UNIVERSAL WASTE ITEMS AND FEES:  As of May 1, 2024: Computer Monitors (all) $5; TV’s $5; Console TV’s $5; Copiers $5; CPUs and Laptops $5; Other computer peripherals: $5; UPS' $5; Straight Fluorescent Lamps .12/ft; CFLs and Circles $.50; HIDs $2; PCB, DEHP, Magnetic and Electronic Ballasts .58/lb; Capacitors $1.50/lb; Mercury Devices: free; Propane Tanks 20lbs $1 each.

HAZARDOUS WASTE OF ANY TYPE IS NOT PERMITTED ON THIS SITE!  No pesticides, gasoline, etc. Everything brought into the Transfer Station is to be deposited in a designated area. Signs are posted at each location. Users of the Transfer Station are not to leave their vehicles unattended. No weight limit on trucks, but no truck is permitted which would cause damage to the buildings, equipment, etc.