Winthrop’s Updated Public Masking Requirements


Contacts: Sarah Fuller, Chair, Winthrop Town Council, 207.446.6462; [email protected]; Jeffrey Kobrock, Town Manager; 207.377.7200 ext 423; [email protected]

Winthrop’s Updated Public Masking Requirements

WINTHROP, Maine – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in order to foster the safest environments for employees, customers, and the public, Winthrop is aligning the town’s rules with the Governor’s Executive Order (EO) mandating the proper use of facial masks for while people are in enclosed spaces and/or outside where the minimum of 6 ft distance cannot be consistently maintained.

Individuals must wear face masks or shields in the following locations: eating establishments, bars or tasting rooms, lodging operations and accommodations, businesses, buildings, parks, and campgrounds.

Additionally, per the Governor’s Executive Order, “Municipalities are authorized to enforce the use of face coverings on streets and sidewalks, in parks and other public spaces where individuals are gathering and not able to maintain at least six feet of physical distance from one another, and to enforce the gathering limits.”

Businesses and organizations should post at their entrances that facemasks are required for entry and have the right to refuse entry and service to those not wearing a mask.

While larger municipalities were included in the EO, Town Council Chair Sarah Fuller noted, “Uniformity across the region keeps all of us safer. We all shop, eat, work, and recreate in our neighboring communities, and it just makes more sense to be consistent  - it helps to eliminate confusion during trying times and protects the health of all through our area.”

While the state has established an online form where residents can report non-compliance with COVID-19, Winthrop residents can also contact the Code Enforcement Office (207-377-7200 Ext. 4270) and a representative will follow-up with information for those involved to ensure they have the most current guidance on complying with these requirements.

“We’ve heard from several of our member businesses that the majority of customers are relieved and pleased that companies are following mask policies,” noted, Bill Stone, president of the Winthrop Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce. He added, “Conversely, we do see a fair amount of worry about those businesses that aren’t in compliance, and hope that everyone will do what it takes to protect each other and help get things back to full speed as soon as safely possible.”

Should you or your organization need to acquire masks, or other COVID-19 related supplies, the State and Maine MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership) has a list of Maine-based companies that are providing these goods and services.

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