Town and Schools Update Several Practices/Programs to Adapt to COVID-19 Response



Contacts: Sarah Fuller, Chair, Winthrop Town Council, 207.446.6462;; Jeffrey Kobrock, Town Manager; 207.377.7200 ext 423;

Town and Schools Update Several Practices/Programs to Adapt to COVID-19 Response

WINTHROP, Maine – As town and school personnel adapt to the evolving situation and the public’s needs there are several changes being implemented across departments. These include:

  1. Per changes from the Maine Secretary of State, NEW auto registrations can now occur via mail and the town office will no longer schedule in-person appointments for these.
  2. Burn permits can be obtained via phone. But you are required to register as usual; please call the Winthrop Police non-emergency line at 207- 377-7226.
  3. The Winthrop Utilities District reminds residents that no material besides human waste and traditional toilet paper should be flushed down toilets. Wipes and other materials clog the pipes and will result in system-wide back-ups and shut-downs; please dispose of these in regular trash receptacles.
  4. Winthrop Public Schools are providing to-go breakfast and lunches to students beginning Monday and Wednesday; students will be able to retrieve their laptops. Details on the schools’ website.

Additionally, we remind residents to continue to practice social distancing, check on neighbors who might need assistance using best practices to maintain health and safety. “We are heartened to see so many local businesses, organizations, and residents doing the right things in the public interest and are confident we will weather this situation together,” noted Sarah Fuller, Chair, Winthrop Town Council.  

As a reminder: people can sign-up to receive updates on the new town website under the section marked “Winthrop Alerts.” This new email notification system will provide updates as they are available, as well as on the Town’s Facebook page and those of the emergency departments (EMS/Ambulance, Police, Fire).

Questions for school-related activities and polices should be directed to Superintendent Dr. Cornelia Brown: 377-2296 x2001.

Questions for municipal-related activities should be directed to Town Manager Jeffrey Kobrock, 207.377.7200 ext 423.