2022 Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Winthrop is pleased to announce the initiation of its 2022 Comprehensive Plan Committee!

The process will be conducted collaboratively, with residents and community stakeholders providing input side by side with Town leadership and staff to create a common vision for Winthrop that will drive our community forward. Winthrop is an increasingly desirable community in the central Maine area due to its accessible location and its unique blend of suburban life, recreation, and neighborhood quiet. The process of creating the plan will involve a variety of interests and collaborative efforts to ensure that it evolves into a plan that will be championed by the community.

This effort is done in conjunction with the Kennebec Valley Council of Governments (KVCOG), and will embrace and touch on all aspects of our community's health and wellbeing, from housing to recreation, from economic development to public facilities and services, from natural resources to historic and cultural resources.

We are seeking community involvement and input in this planning process. If interested in participating in the planning for the next decade of Winthrop's growth and development, please direct an email to Winthrop2022CompPlan@gmail.com with your name and contact information.