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Welcome to the Winthrop Cemetery page.  Please take a look at our information.  Contact the sexton through the town office at 377-7200 ext. 422, if you have any further questions.

The Town of Winthrop has five cemeteries:  Glenside, Maple, Lakeview, East Winthrop & Metcalf. 

Residents and non-resident taxpayers may purchase lots. Anyone interested in purchasing a lot should contact the Town Office. 

The Town's Cemetery Sexton will be in touch and meet with the families at the cemetery (if necessary), to discuss their options & fees.

Burial Costs:

              Regular    Saturday   Sunday/Holiday

Casket       $325         $425          $500

Cremation   $150        $175          $250

After 3:00 pm add $100.00


Lot Purchase:

1 Grave Site = $125

Perpetual Care  = $100

Total Plot & Care $225

Town Office - 17 Highland Avenue, Winthrop, Maine 04364