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~ The Roland LaVallee Collection ~



In 2003, Roland LaVallee donated his collection of historical photos to the Town of Winthrop and we were very pleased that he entrusted them in our care.  The donation of approximately 2,600 negatives and photos date back to the late 1800’s.  Roland’s collection captures the history of Winthrop through the years by showing us the community events, parades, high school sports and other activities that happened over these past 100+ years. 

It is an honor for the Town to be able to share these photos with the community he loved so much. Although Roland passed away in 2007, his legacy carries on through these photographs and the Town of Winthrop will be forever grateful.

Lisa J. Gilliam
Town Clerk 1994-2012



Town Office - 17 Highland Avenue, Winthrop, Maine 04364