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Planning Board


The Winthrop Planning Board (PB) hears and approves, approves with modifications or conditions, or disapproves all applications for Conditional Use Permits. 


Conditional use approval is required for such uses as, commercial uses, activities in the shoreland areas, new multi-family dwellings, and other similar uses.  The PB also approves all new subdivisions, new cell towers, and initiates amendments to the zoning ordinance.

Planning Board                 

 Regular Members:

          Edward Vignault, through 12/31/20, Vice-Chair                   

          Rick O’Brien, through 12/31/21, Chair                            

          Jim King, through 12/31/20

          Lou-Anne Parker, through 12/31/20, Member Secretary                        

          David Lee, through 12/31/21                          

          Tom Heiss, through 12/31/20                      

          Garrett Corbin, through 12/31/21

 Alternate Members:

          1st – Gerald "Gary" Dawbin, through 12/31/20

          2nd -

Town Office - 17 Highland Avenue, Winthrop, Maine 04364